At Nifty, we focus on unique human insight and innovative strategies to develop truly holistic “products and services” for tomorrow.


Design Research

Design Research

Original research that leads to actionable insights and recommendations.

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Digital Products

Digital Products

New digital products that draw in users and keep them engaged.

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Service Design

Service Design

Smarter, more responsive service experiences that are enabled by new technologies.

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Transactional Platforms

e-Commerce Platforms

Large-scale transactional systems for e-commerce and business models.

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User Interfaces

User Interfaces

Bringing new functionality to life with useful and delightful interfaces.

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Pre/Post-PC Solution

Post-PC Solutions

Multi-channel systems that deliver a continuous, coordinated experience.

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Multi-Disciplinary Teams

Strategy, Design, Technology

Strategists, designers and technologists work together throughout the duration of a project.

Each discipline is always involved, though at varying levels. We place greater emphasis on strategy up front, relying more heavily on design while concepting, and development during the build.

The office layout supports this collaborative approach. Strategists and designers sit next to developers and producers — there are no silos or barriers to overcome. Disciplines are in constant communication.



We uncover unique opportunities to connect companies and their audiences in the evolving digital landscape.

  • Research & Insights
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Positioning
  • Feature Planning
  • Ecosystem Planning
  • Content Strategy
  • Measurement & Analytics


Our user-centered approach to design leads to seamless interactions and branding across the digital ecosystem.

  • Concept Development
  • User Interface Design
  • Product Design
  • Service Design
  • User Testing
  • Content Creation


We combine proven methods with the latest technological advancements to deliver front and back-end solutions.

  • Prototyping
  • Technical Architecture
  • Technical Planning
  • Web & Application Development
  • Platform Review & Recommendation
  • QA Testing