Design Research

New behaviors, cultural symbols and social rules are the results of the rapid progress of digital technology that play a significant role in redefining the way new world connected

Our team leverages strategic thinking along with the ground-breaking advanced techniques to uncover various new behaviors of customers. Also, we dive into different cultural behavior models to gain an in-depth understanding about our customer's desires.

In this way, we at Nifty serve our potential customer's specific business needs and challenges with more bespoke products and services - be it QA Testing, Web & Application Development, User Testing, User Interface Design, Research & Insights, Concept Development, Technical Architecture and more.

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Usability Testing
  • Persona & Portrait Development
  • User Interaction Mapping
  • Deep Ethnographic Studies
  • Behavior Modeling

There Is No Substitute for Fieldwork

What people tell you they do and what they actually do are rarely the same. Direct observation and immersion in the environments of people as they interact with products and services is critical in gaining an objective view on what is and isn’t working.

Look below the Surface

Many human-centered processes are concerned with uncovering how people behave. However, true understanding requires us to go beyond what people do or think and uncover the feelings and motivations that drive their behavior.

Look to Consumers As Sources of Innovation

Oftentimes consumers find new and unexpected ways to use products. These behaviors can provide strong clues to where latent needs exist and provide a blueprint for bringing new solutions to market.